Q Why haven't I heard of this until now?

A This Refund Law was created back in 1993 by Michigan Politicians. Now the State has $200,000,000 dollars of your banks money they must give back to you if you did a SHORT SALE or simply sold for a loss.  But they hope your deadline passes so they can keep it. They don't advertise,publicize or tell anyone.

Q Are there any up front fee's I must pay?

A No and if you short sale our service is 100% covered from your past lenders money. It's Free money they don't want you to know about!

Q Does your company sell my personal information?

A No. After your file is complete & submitted to the State we destroy (shred) remaining information per our Assurance Agreement with the Michigan Attorney General. We are the only firm of this kind to have an Assurance agreement with the States Attorney General and a full time Real Estate company on board to verify all info.

Q Can I call on the phone?

A Yes. We are here to get you your Money! call 586-805-6000 or 586-463-1000 ask for Jennifer or Mark.

Q If I have friends / relatives / co-workers or neighbor's that lost on their house can I refer them to you?

A Yes. Refer anyone you may know and we pay you some cash for your referrals.