This is how we get you FREE MONEY guaranteed to make you Smile!

In 1993 a small group of Michigan politicians got together and made up a new law. It was designed to give some relief to home owners forced to sell their principle residence at a loss. Not really… it was just fluff to help get them re-elected.

But now due to the Real Estate Market crashing a few years back, a new kid on the block showed up unexpectedly. Let’s call him short sale.  Short Sale now has taken this law and completely turned it on its head. (In your favor) and for the past 5 or 6 years it’s been biting the politician’s right in the ass (Politicians and ass in the same sentence.  HOW IRONIC)

Anyway now that this law has backfired on the state and they must Refund a portion of cash right back to you, they really aren’t too aggressive at getting the word out to you. I guess it’s because the only smart thing they did (for them anyway) was to build a time limit into this law. Claim it real soon or they keep it and you never get to spend it. No Exceptions! Yes they built in a dead line!

So now Michigan Law says PROVE IT and the Treasury Department MUST give you Cash. Supply them with 16 or so different documents, go to 1 or 2 county offices, then Go to 2-3 city departments, fill out some government forms…figure out the crazy formula they made up, Well you get the idea.. A lot of RED TAPE. The good news is. WE DO IT ALL. We have a HUGE pair of Scissor that cuts through the government red tape.

Now here’s another Fun piece of information.  The Money we get you back was the money your LENDER paid to the state.  So guess who wins a little bit?  YOU.  This money isn’t taxed, never has to be paid back and not counted as income. It’s just FREE MONEY for YOU! There really are no Strings attached period.  So this low key, unadvertised government refund is what most all of our happy clients call A GIFT HOARSE.  We recommend you NOT look it in the mouth!


The politicians are long gone by now but your Money is still waiting.  Remember tho, it is not waiting much longer. Let us start your claim today click on GET STARTED